Arizona Engagement Photography – Marti & Alek

These two are the perfect image of young love. Marti met Alek in high school and she just knew he was perfect for her. He purposed to her in such a touching and special way. He coaxed her into his room where he wanted her to read a particular verse from the bible. The verse was important to them, preaching of marriage and finding a special kindred spirit to join in eternal partnership. Marti was oblivious to what he had up his sleeve, as she turned the pages to those special words a ring appeared.  Alek is in the process of becoming a Marine but in their free time they enjoy camping and hunting. They educated us on the sport of coyote calling which neither of us had any idea about.  It was a notable day for us as well and we felt honored to capture the beginning of the rest of their lives.
You are the source of my joy…
 the center of my world…

and the whole of my heart. 

The path to eternal love
A ring between the pages
A perfect silhouette

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