Nichols Park Maternity – Kristin

Kristin made the long hour journey to Gilbert, to the lush green of Nichols Park. Her family was happy to join the special occasion. They wanted to be apart of these last moments with mom before she has baby brother Grayson! Her husband, Marcus, daughter, Charlotte (4) and son, Gavin (8) made for the most magically shoot. Gavin and Charlotte just beamed with excitement when we asked them how they felt about their new bother. Charlotte covered up her tiny mouth with her little hands, trying to hide her glowing grin. We noticed her bitty nails delicately painted burgundy red. She was thrilled when we pointed out how pretty they looked! Gavin, a rough and tumble boy. took advantage of the forestry area in the middle of the city. He leaped around, chasing jacket rabbits, breaking sticks, and swatting bugs.  Girl and boy, so different in their moods and interests but equally love their mom and dad. Such beautiful little ones! We were so happy to meet!
Then, there is the wonderful mother to be, who seemed so at ease. The last few weeks of pregnancy can be a challenge, always feeling uncomfortable and tired. Kristin was none of those! She was so elegant and fresh looking. Her beautiful floral dress complimented her heart-warming smile. When we shot images of Kristin with Marcus their love was so apparent! The few times we asked them to kiss, they seemed to melt away from us! Falling into the moment, being completely alone. Together.

They both picked the perfect location for their shoot. The golden light of the setting sun colored the fall leaves in the towering trees. The scenery gave a sense of life and renewal, the perfect setting for the up coming arrival of their new addition in December. Although, Kristin wouldn’t mind a sooner delivery! Kristin, congratulations to the both of you and your wonderful kiddos!

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