Nichols Park Engagement – Kristy & Lydell

Kristy and Lydell have a radiating happiness. An unparalleled love. A love as beautiful as the setting golden sun. Kristy wore a blue dress almost the color of the ocean with perfectly placed floral pattern. The playful dress mirrored her bight personality! Both of them smiled and laughed the entire time. We could see their lively smiles from far across the park. As Lydell led Kristy to us, as she gracefully walked, we could imagine her on her wedding day. We imagine the two making their first entrance as husband and wife. They have such a strong bond. A perfect love. A forever lasting friendship. These two were the most delightful couple! Lydell swatted bugs off and picked leaves from her hair. It was so sweet!
Lydell and Kristy recently returned back to the desert after living in Oahu, where Kristy was completed her Master’s degree. While on the islands, Lydell had decided to ask Kristy that very important question! It was their anniversary. Kristy had no idea what Lydell had in store for them! The sun was rising on the beautiful, timeless sandy beach. Lydell had made the impression for Kristy that they were taking anniversary photos. So of course she dressed the part!  Little did she know that it was really a proposal! Kristy admitted she was completely surprised. Lydell had chosen the ring nearly a month before! An absolutely beautiful flower design. It was delicately placed behind the linens in a rather noisy bag. The morning of their anniversary, before they left, Lydell had to retrieve the ring from the bag, making a rather loud rusting noise! It almost spoiled the plan! Fortunately, he thought quick on his feet and when Kristy inquired of the strange noise, Lydell fibbed and said he was digging in the trash. Such a fun story with such an enchanting ending.

Congratulations Kristy and Lydell! May your days be blessed with many magical moments.

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