Veteran’s Oasis Park Family – The Thompsons

We headed out to the tranquil landscape of Veteran’s Oasis Park to meet long time client Christel to shoot her family holiday photos. It was perfect weather for a family outing! The setting sun had cast a warming glow creating a suiting mood for this fun family. Mom and Dad, John, beamed with love and happiness. The photo of them sharing a kiss was a special moment. The children shielding their eyes because it was just “gross” when really it was magical. They both have an obvious ever lasting love for each other! An exciting moment came when a fuzzy jackrabbit went hopping along the walkway. All the children went scurrying after it but the rabbit was too quick hid in the near by bushes. The older kids could still see darting in and out of the bushes. Little Addy struggled to see so dad hoisted her up so she could catch a quick glimpse of the wild rabbit before it disappeared into the thick desert plants.

Daughters Avery and Addy along with big brother Kaden had a vibrancy about them. Such sweet happy kids that had a fun time standing for the camera even though they wanted to dart off into the park. Flashing back to earlier years of family holiday photo times with them, there was a time when Kaden took off from us to avoid photos! This year, he was much more into the idea. What was especially special was when the kids were given the opportunity to pose along their personalities flourished and they had a blast. Although, at times, they found it challenging to even stand close to each other; with enough encouragement, they gave in and “acted” as if they liked each other. We both grew up with brothers and can remember times like these with our siblings! And we hope as these youngsters grow that one day they look back at these photos and remember these times with each other, cherishing these moments they had together as children.

Christel, it’s been so wonderful photographing your family every year and watching these beautiful kids of yours grow and become the people they are meant to be. It still feels like just yesterday you were still pregnant with Addy and now look how big they’ve all grown! With all those memories of spending time with your family flooding back while editing your photos this year, it made me tear up a bit! Kids, quoting your mom, “slow down on the growing!”

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