South Mountain Engagement – Jane & Ryan

It was a perfect day for a shoot in the desert. We were so excited when Jane picked our state’s classic landscape for the backdrop of her and Ryan’s engagement session! The sun was setting on the horizon just behind the towering mountains. The glowing earth tones complimented their perfectly paired attire. Their formal wear created a great juxtaposition to the bleak landscape full desert plants and cactus.  

When the weather cools off here in Arizona, it makes for a perfect desert hike. Ryan took this perfect chance along with the excuse of taking their adorable new puppy, Remy, who is an 8 month old miniature wrinkly faced Shar Pei, on her first adventurous hike to surprise Jane with a proposal!  Jane and Ryan had set off on their hike up in Flagstaff with pooch in tow. After trudging along for a few yards, Ryan suddenly dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him! A nearby hiker was more than happy to take a quick snap shot of this incredible moment. They brought their beloved pup along for their engagement shoot wearing the cutest sparkly bow around her tan neck!

Both Ryan and Jane was such a loving couple that they couldn’t help but to laugh and giggle when we asked them to do certain poses. It was an incredibly sentimental moment that we were so honored to be able capture. You could see in their eyes the true happiness they shared with each other. They have an extraordinary long whimsical history! How many people can say they have known each other since they were 12 years old, became friends, and eventually fell in love with each other? These two can! Both Arizona natives grown up going to the same schools but only grown into a relationship after college. 5 years later, they are now planning their happily ever after together!

Jane, you looked stunning in your pink flowing dress! The color really complimented your sparkling personality! You two have the love story that everyone’s dreams about! Congratulations on your engagement! We have no doubt that you guys will have an enchanting wedding!

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