Papago Park Engagement – Vanessa and Joel

The weather at the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park in Tempe was gorgeous, but it was nothing compared to the love that Vanessa and Joel have for each other. People flocked to the Hole, but you can’t tell from the photos; Joel and Vanessa stole the show, making the park feel like their own. The famous Camelback Mountain was an amazing backdrop for some of the shots, and there’s something special about this desert park that helped their romance swell, the mountains truly becoming a part of their story instead of simply being somewhere they wanted to meet.

We think it’s because it really suits them as a couple. In the 5 years they’ve been together, they’ve traveled 22 states together: their love of adventure is almost as strong as their feelings for each other. It made us think of the Disney-Pixar movie Up, where the wife in that film always wanted to travel the world; that’s something amazing that both Vanessa and Joel share. Spontaneity is part and parcel of being together for these two. Back in September, they found themselves at Phoenix Sky Harbor for Joel’s birthday weekend, and just like the movie Yes Man, they decided they’d say yes to any getaway. This time, they ended up in Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers!

Everything seemed normal until they were leaving the Nebraska State football stadium, when Joel dropped to one knee, whipped out the ring, and publicly declared his love for Vanessa! She didn’t know it, but right before Joel proposed to Vanessa, he’d even asked a stranger and her friend to photograph and tape their amazing moment. Joel feels that guys need to plan capturing this lifechanging moment through photography and videography more, and a lot of thought certainly went into this.

Vanessa couldn’t say yes fast enough–she’d been hoping for this, but she never dreamed it would happen on a Nebraska excursion. Unexpected, romantic, and free-spirited: this proposal was perfect for them.

Their wedding is set in April, and these two can’t wait to get to Georgia. Of course, travel is the theme; they even picked their destination from the states they’ve visited together. We can already envision the union between these two globetrotters. Whether they’re staying in or going on their next adventure, we know that Vanessa and Joel are meant for each other.

Vanessa and Joel, you guys looked amazing! You guys have the love and life a lot of people dream about! It’s so perfect, it’s like a romance movie! At the beginning of the session, you mentioned how you’re both camera shy. We couldn’t tell in these photos! You two looked so natural! Congratulations again on your engagement! Your wedding is going to be spectacular!

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