Freestone Park Family – Raap Family

They say that love finds you when you least expect it, that life is full of surprises. To many people, that might sound cliche, but for Bob and Candice it’s nothing but true. 5 years ago, Candice showed up out of nowhere and swept him off his feet, and they’ve been together ever since. After a few years of dating, they got married, and comparisons to the Brady Bunch wouldn’t be wrong: between them, they have FIVE kids! How they keep up with them is a total mystery to us, but after one year of marriage and with their youngest’s first birthday coming up, one thing is clear: this family is meant to be.

It takes a lot of energy to wrangle five children, but you can tell the kids have just as much energy as Bob and Candice do. When we met at Freestone Park for their photos, all the kids wanted to do was run and play (can we get some of that energy?!). Even playing, you could tell each one had their own ideas; at one point, the oldest even climbed into a tree to pose for a photo with for her dad. The only one of the children who didn’t wander off was, of course, the one-year-old birthday boy! You can’t say he doesn’t have enthusiasm, though: he smiled and laughed for the camera. He’s a natural model.

Bob and Candace have a lovely family, and as we both of one toddler of our own, there’s a lot we can learn from them. Watching them take care of their five children is inspirational, and we’re glad to have had the chance to work with them. Bob and Candace, we wish you the jolliest of holidays, and with four of your five children’s birthdays right around the corner, we wish them happy birthdays and all of you an amazing New Year!

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