Papago Park Engagement – Gaby & Darius

Papago Park in Phoenix is gorgeous, and there’s no better time than an Arizona winter for engagement photos! Gaby and Darius were super excited for their session, but there was a little anxiety there too: this was the first time Gaby had ever been in a professional photo! You couldn’t tell, though, because both of them are total naturals. Not only that, but it really helps that their love shines; we bet you could even see it from across the Phoenix Zoo! It’s been clear to everyone from the beginning that these two would make it together.

Gaby and Darius met just over a year ago at a party, and hit it off instantly. After all, what are the odds of meeting another Polish person in Arizona, let alone someone who speaks the language? The meeting was magical, and it was clearly serendipity that these two made it to the same party at the same time.

What wasn’t just a happy coincidence, though, was Darius’ proposal: Gaby’s best friend and sister were in on it! Gaby, her sister, mom, best friend, and Darius all decided to hike Horseshoe Bend. Midway through, Gaby’s sister insisted on taking an “artsy photo” of her, so Gaby posed, and then turned…to see Darius down on one knee! Sure, Gaby’s mom was surprised and excited, but not more than Gaby herself – she’d thought Darius was going to propose on this October birthday during their Mexico trip! We just love these surprise hiking proposals!

Gaby and Darius, you two are so clearly perfect for each other. Couples like you are the reason why we formed Wander Back, and why we love photography. We just know that your burgundy-and-blush Catholic wedding is going to be gorgeous–when you described your September date to us, we could picture it completely clearly. It’s going to be a day to remember!

Congratulations again, you lovebirds–we love you guys!

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