Downtown Gilbert Engagement – Chelsea & Tim

Downtown Gilbert is turning into a great nightlife spot, but it’s also gorgeous; it’s perfect for engagement photos, especially with the winter months finally bringing cool breezes along with them. Gilbert perfectly reflects our latest couple: Chelsea and Tim. The gorgeous landscapes and carefully-designed city squares are great for Chelsea, whose passion lies in interior design, but as the Gilbert area grows and brings in more technology, it becomes an even better match for Tim, who works in the technology industry. Chelsea’s breathtaking Prussian blue and copper jacket was stunning against the downtown backdrop, and Tim’s plaid shirt matched it fantastically. These wedding colors look amazing!

It’s not all about the looks, though: Chelsea and Tim have their base in a strong relationship. They never thought they’d find “the one” wandering the aisles of Chandler-Gilbert Community College library, but fate had special plans for them one September afternoon five years ago!

This adorable couple fell in love quick, and after two or three dates, Chelsea couldn’t help but ask: “So… do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?” That question became an inside joke for them, and Tim thought back to that special day to make his proposal even better. This past summer, he took Chelsea to San Francisco, and right as they settled down into their hotel room, he brought out his grandmother’s ring (how sweet is that?!). And then, that’s when he popped that all-important question: “So… do you want to be husband and wife?”

It gives us the feels–these two are so cute!

Chelsea and Tim, we’re glad we got the chance to meet you. You’re such a captivating couple, and the way you complement each other gives us something to aspire to. We just know your wedding next September at the Greenhouse on Woodland in Pinetop, Arizona is going to be dazzling! We look forward to seeing you two again soon!

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