Veteran Oasis Park Engagement – Anna & Kyle

It’s obvious that love can grow even in the strangest of places--that’s one of the biggest cliches when it comes to romance, isn’t it? Even so, a small convenience store in Vermont seems to be an unusual one! Kyle and Anna worked together for a while, and eventually moved here to Arizona to be closer [...]

Hyatt Regency of Scottsdale Engagement – Brandy & Jake

We’re pretty sure that when Brandy and Jake were getting ready for their engagement shoot at the Hyatt Regency of Scottsdale, they didn’t anticipate playing a game of chess, but playfulness seems to be part and parcel for this couple. Amidst the hotel pool guests enjoying the warm air and sunshine, the classic yet modern [...]

Nichol’s Park Engagement – Katrina & Kyle

We don’t know about you, but when we think about fairytales, we think of a prince and princess, of glass slippers and majestic castles, of fancy dresses and happy endings. Now, though? Whenever we think fairytales, all we can picture is Katrina and Kyle! These two truly have a fairytale romance.Picture it: May of 2017. [...]

First Year, Sixteen Firsts

Hey guys! The end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 have been a bit crazy for us--the holidays are hectic enough on their own, but throw in moving and TWO toddlers (who have birthdays around this time, too!), and you have a recipe for chaos. Potty training is tough!Even though we’re halfway through January, it’s [...]