Nichol’s Park Engagement – Katrina & Kyle

We don’t know about you, but when we think about fairytales, we think of a prince and princess, of glass slippers and majestic castles, of fancy dresses and happy endings. Now, though? Whenever we think fairytales, all we can picture is Katrina and Kyle! These two truly have a fairytale romance.

Picture it: May of 2017. Packed bags, airplane tickets, and that little bit of stress that always comes with traveling… but for Kyle, it had a little more: a single, tiny extra item tucked away in his luggage, the perfect ring to express his eternal love for his princess. He even thought of a plan B in case TSA found the ring and spoiled it.

Every tale needs a fairy godmother, though, right? His must have been watching over him, because everything went off without a hitch. The special cargo was safe, TSA was a breeze, and the airplane took off. Destination: Disneyland!

Kyle was following a tradition set by his brother and sister, one that Katrina didn’t know about: the Happiest Place on Earth would make Katrina’s special day even better. Not just any Disneyland, though. He took it one step further and whisked Katrina off to Disneyland Paris!

Pulling out all the stops, Kyle knew it was time. In front of Cinderella’s Castle, he held the ring tightly in his hand, and got down on a single knee, and finally asked Katrina the all-important question (do we really need to tell you?).

It was Katrina’s turn to have her own once-upon-a-time story.

Of course, we got to be a part of it too, a little later. Their engagement shoot was exciting! The weather was spectacular, with wind breezing through the trees, picking leaves to strew on the ground like a magic carpet, transforming our location into an enchanted forest. The wind even blew Katrina’s handmade sign in all directions, making everything feel all the more mystical!

Katrina and Kyle were honestly the vision of the perfect couple, sharing secret smiles, quiet laughter, and even fixing each others’ poses! Their delicate kisses made us swoon and our hearts swell. Love really doesn’t get any more perfect than these two.

Congratulations, Katrina and Kyle! We believe in your love, and we’re sure you know: if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

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