Hyatt Regency of Scottsdale Engagement – Brandy & Jake

We’re pretty sure that when Brandy and Jake were getting ready for their engagement shoot at the Hyatt Regency of Scottsdale, they didn’t anticipate playing a game of chess, but playfulness seems to be part and parcel for this couple. Amidst the hotel pool guests enjoying the warm air and sunshine, the classic yet modern architecture of the Regency, and decor that matches their wedding colors (tiffany blue, silver white, with geometric shapes and Jake’s cowboy boots–what else would be a great blend of rustic and modern?), Brandy and Jake had an amazing time with the chess game and the Regency’s landscape. After the game, they sat down across from each other, a warm glow cast around them, a halo from the overhead light. Their sweet smiles and laughter helped their love shine just as bright as the afternoon sun. We’re a little jealous!

These two met during high school, but their relationship didn’t start until college, and now it’s been an amazing four-and-a-half years, filled with hiking and the great outdoors. There’s one big thing on their bucket list: a trip to Havasu Falls. We’re sure it’d be a nice honeymoon!

Of course, no good outdoor-loving couple would be complete with just the desert. Brandy and Jake took a special trip to Scottsdale’s Odysea Aquarium and Dolphinaris complex, traveling to the ocean in the middle of our East Valley desert. Swimming with the dolphins is already a special occasion, but Jake made sure Brandy would remember it for the rest of her life: they swam, and after they left the tank, Jake begged for a photo to commemorate the day. He fiddled with his towel when they exited, fumbling with it until Brandy finally wondered what was taking so long, why he still had the towel when he got to the camera, why he was down on one knee… and then it hit her. Jake had a painstakingly-chosen ring in his hand, a look of hope in his eyes, and what else could Brandy do? She said yes, naturally–and the lucky couple has been ready for an adventure together ever since. We’re so happy to have been able to be a part of their engagement shoot. Brandy and Jake, you guys were a BLAST to photograph, and you’re an adorable couple to boot! We wish you all the best!

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