Veteran Oasis Park Engagement – Anna & Kyle

It’s obvious that love can grow even in the strangest of places–that’s one of the biggest cliches when it comes to romance, isn’t it? Even so, a small convenience store in Vermont seems to be an unusual one! Kyle and Anna worked together for a while, and eventually moved here to Arizona to be closer to Anna’s parents.

But, as often happens with college students, Anna graduated from Arizona State University, and so she went back to Vermont to celebrate. Kyle took Anna to their favorite sushi spot, and amidst the wasabi and soy sauce and delicately-constructed rolls, he looked at her and knew he had to ask. It was planned, of course: Kyle had his beautifully-crafted heirloom ring in his pocket, and he hoped that Anna would become the third generation of brides to marry into his family.

Of course, Kyle wanted to wait until dessert. He ordered wine–wait, wine? Anna knew something was a little strange there, because Kyle’s definitely more of a beer guy, but she thought he just had a craving. She turned her head, ready for the soft, sweet mochi, and there it was: Kyle’s gesture of eternal love. The ring.

As we hope you’d know if you’re reading this, Anna said yes! These two are truly fun to be around. While we often talk about couples laughing when asked how they got engaged (especially the women!), Kyle and Anna never seem to stop laughing. It’s not just laughter, though: this picture-perfect couple knows how to have a good time. Festivals are their forte, particularly beer gardens and samplings. They love trying new flavors, from IPAs to ales to stouts, and what’s better with beer than socializing?

Kyle and Anna were amazing. They talked to us a bit about Anna’s bank career, about Kyle’s landscaping management, and about sports–Anna loves basketball, while Kyle loves ‘em all. That’s part of what makes these two so easy to get along with: they love to laugh, they love socializing, and they’re open to new connections. Photographing them felt like hanging out with old friends. We’re so glad we got to be a part of their story.

Kyle and Anna, we wish you all the best!

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