Papago Park Engagement – Sarah & Jack

When most people think penguins, they think of Antarctica, or maybe Sea World. Arizona isn’t a cold place, and we don’t have a lot of water--the only ice you’ll find is in our freezers! That doesn’t mean anything to the Odysea Aquarium, though, and that’s where Jack planned his perfect proposal. He took Sarah to [...]

Fountain Hills Engagement – Jessica & Ysidro

For her engagement photos, Jessica picked a location unlike any we’ve shot yet: Fountain Hills. If you’re not aware of it, the center of the town has, as you might guess, a fountain. It’s one of the tallest in the world, and the power behind it compares to the strong, passionate love that Jessica shares [...]

Nichol’s Park Engagement – Rochelle & Jeremy

Most of us have that one relative. You know, the one that always wants you to date, the one who insists that “you must have to beat the boys off with a stick! Why aren’t you dating them?!”. For Rochelle, that was her grandmother. She insisted Rochelle put herself out there, and guess what: grandma [...]

Papago Park Engagement – Rachel & Anthony

Stop what you’re doing for a moment..Take a deep breath.Now, picture a waterfall, mist all around you, crashing down into warm, clear cerulean water. All around you are towering tropical trees, the sun shining down, layers of pink and beige and clay red rock rising around you.Havasu Falls.Okay, they weren’t quite tropical trees, but that [...]

Trinity Bible Church Wedding – Lydia & Eric

They say that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, and it certainly seemed like Eric and Lydia were destined for it. Rain fell on the Trinity Bible Church as friends and family filled the pews for their ceremony, only to come to a sudden, auspicious stop. The sun peeked out for a moment, [...]