Nichol’s Park Engagement – Rochelle & Jeremy

Most of us have that one relative. You know, the one that always wants you to date, the one who insists that “you must have to beat the boys off with a stick! Why aren’t you dating them?!”. For Rochelle, that was her grandmother. She insisted Rochelle put herself out there, and guess what: grandma was right!

Rochelle met Jeremy three and a half years ago. Many people worry about their first date, but these two instantly clicked. She’s a nurse, and he works IT, but like any good couple, they have things in common. One of the loves they share–besides their love for each other, of course!–is camping and hiking, and that sparked something in Jeremy’s mind.

If you’re familiar with Arizona, you probably know that Sedona is one of the hiking hotspots: gorgeous high-desert scenery and perfect outdoor weather, with quirky, friendly locals. To Rochelle, their stay at a Sedona BnB was just a typical hiking trip. She was ready to enjoy the fresh air, to get some exercise, maybe even soak up some of the good vibes Sedonans are all about.

She stopped at one point to take a photo. After all: Sedona is downright picturesque. Rochelle snapped a few, and she turned, and wondered where Jeremy went–wait, he was in front of her, down on a single knee, with a hopeful glint in his eye and a tentative smile.

Everyone reacts differently to proposals. Rochelle’s was one of our favorite reactions: “Oh, shit! Is this really happening right now?!”. It was even more of a surprise when she found out Jeremy was proposing with a special heirloom diamond that belonged to his great-grandmother’s aunt. The diamond is dazzling, but Rochelle’s happiness outshines it by far.

Since you’re reading this, you know she said yes. Their engagement session was great, and these two were downright adorable! They were nervous, because this was their first time getting professional photos done, but they had a great coping mechanism: Friends. Not actual friends this time, but the show! Jeremy kept pulling that one face, the one that Chandler always does. It helped them both feel at ease, and we talked about the show the entire time–it was so much fun!

Rochelle and Jeremy, you two are such a sweet couple! We had an amazing time with you guys, and we can’t wait to see how your July wedding in Pinetop goes! Congrats, you guys–your wedding will be breathtaking!

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