Fountain Hills Engagement – Jessica & Ysidro

For her engagement photos, Jessica picked a location unlike any we’ve shot yet: Fountain Hills. If you’re not aware of it, the center of the town has, as you might guess, a fountain. It’s one of the tallest in the world, and the power behind it compares to the strong, passionate love that Jessica shares with her fiancé Ysidro. They’re a spectacular couple, truly two souls united as one. Their unity was apparent from the moment we started to shoot, Ysidro’s gaze meeting her eyes the entire time. Honestly, we almost felt a little invasive! It seemed as if the world simply melted away when they posed for us, as if when he pulled her close he wanted to protect her, to be her equal in all ways and yet still strive to do whatever he could for her, to whisk her away into a world all their own.

Of course, as much as we imagine the universe falling away to leave the two of them alone, reality still goes on. That’s not a bad thing! Jessica and Ysidro brought their two little boys along, and man, they’re adorable! They even posed for a few photos with huge, endearing smiles… it helped that Jessica bribed ‘em with a few little sweet treats. Seeing them interact with Jessica and Ysidro was great, though–their affection for their kids shone through, and between that and the romance between the two of them, we know they’re going to be a great family.

Also great? Jessica’s outfit! We love dresses, but her sheer crimson jumpsuit was gorgeous, and the perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day shoot outdoors. Ysidro looked pretty dang good, too!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk a little about the proposal itself, though. It’s almost impossible to choose our favorite proposal from those we’ve heard so far, but Ysidro’s is so cute! His enthusiasm really shines through. Over a year ago, he realized what he wanted to do, that he wanted to be with Jessica, to be hers to have and to hold, and for her to be his; he knew that he wanted to get down on one knee, to profess his love, to finally ask that question. They’d talked about it before, but he knew it was time.

Enthusiasm, though. It gets in the way of things sometimes, but this? This was enthusiasm bringing pure joy to their lives. Ysidro bought the ring, but he didn’t want to wait to pay it off. He knew he had to do it, that he needed to ask for Jessica’s hand, that he needed to commit to her. So, right there in the middle of Scottsdale Mall, he asked her, ringless. Instead, he offered the receipt to her, using that paper as the symbol of his love and commitment, the enthusiasm plain on his face in the moments before Jessica responded.

Jessica has the ring now. Their wedding is set for November. If the wedding is anything like the proposal, we know it’s going to be the perfect blend of high-energy and steady assuredness, of perfect plans and a dash of spontaneity, of love and the promise of what the future will bring them. We (not so) secretly even hope Jessica kept the receipt, tucked away as a memento of that amazing day.

Jessica and Ysidro: thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. We can’t wait to see where life takes you on your journey together. Congratulations!

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