Papago Park Engagement – Sarah & Jack

When most people think penguins, they think of Antarctica, or maybe Sea World. Arizona isn’t a cold place, and we don’t have a lot of water–the only ice you’ll find is in our freezers! That doesn’t mean anything to the Odysea Aquarium, though, and that’s where Jack planned his perfect proposal. He took Sarah to feed the adorable penguins, and amidst the birds, he stopped for just a moment… and there in his hand was the ring. It almost felt as if the penguins were his groomsmen at that moment, their tuxedo feathers helping give Jack the courage it took to ask the question. He had hired professional photographers to help make the moment extra special! And lasting! Sarah thought they were just regular people visiting the aquarium like they were.

Sarah thought it was amazing.

Now, we think Sarah is pretty amazing too. When we did her and Jack’s engagement shoot at Papago Park, we saw most people wearing sneakers and workout clothes… but instead, Sarah sported crystal-embellished black heels. Not only did she dare to be different, but she took to the trails better than we did! Between those heels, the desert landscape, and Jack’s turquoise button-up, this shoot was gorgeous.

Every engagement shoot is different, but some things are constant: you can only get so far on outfits and landscapes alone. That’s why we’re glad we got to shoot these two–they seemed truly relaxed with each other, talking about their engagement and having fun amongst the rocks and beside the Papago pond. Laughing all the way, Jack helped primp Sarah for each new pose, picking stray grass from her curls and leading her through the grass beside the ducks that live in the park. We really enjoyed seeing the dynamic these two have, from their laidback joking to the effortless comfort they have with one another. Jack and Sarah clearly share a love that not everyone can have, and we’re so glad they let us be a part of their engagement shoot. Thanks, you two–we can’t wait to see what life has in store for you as husband and wife!

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