Tempe Town Lake Engagement – Shante & Wallace

If you live in the Phoenix area, you might know that our winters can be a little unpredictable–this year, we can barely even call it wintertime! On this day, though, we were lucky enough to have a day worthy of green grass, a blanket, and a picnic basket filled with goodies, not to mention the reason we were at Tempe Beach Park: Shante and Wallace!

These two are wonderful together, their smiles equally bright and contagious. They’re the couple with the longest history together we’ve shot yet! They’ve been with each other for 10 years, and man, we can definitely see the chemistry that got them together is still around. Relationships are hard work, but Shante and Wallace have clearly got theirs figured out.

No engagement shoot would be complete without the story of the proposal, and this one was straight out of a Christmas special, in the best of ways: a year ago, at Christmas, Wallace had a huge gift for Shante under the tree. Nobody, not even Shante’s family, knew what it was; their family holiday was abuzz with everyone wondering what exactly was in the box, especially since it was so big! The mystery grew with each layer that came unwrapped, pulling paper off piece by piece, digging down into each new part of packaging until finally Shante pulled the last bit free: a ring box. For these two, it was the perfect gift: it wasn’t just a well-thought present, but a symbol of their joy together and of the goodness the future would bring. It was a Christmas gift of everlasting love and commitment.

Of course, while weddings are 99% about the lovely couple, a tiny part of them is about the joining of two families, of the union of family and the growth that comes from that. That’s why we were excited to hear Shante’s family be present in the proposal! It really helped make the moment special for Shante and Wallace. Their love for each other comes from them like sunbeams from the sky, their love evident from the looks and laughs Wallace and Shante shared, but they’re gracious enough that they share it with everyone around them, saying hello to people who passed by during the shoot. Shante even stopped to say hi to a fuzzy little puppy that photo bombed us! Wallace watched, grinning, and when she was done he took every moment he could to dote on her, pulling her in and brushing her hair from her face.

These two really have the confidence in each other that only time can bring. We’re blessed that we had the opportunity to meet them.

Shante and Wallace, thank you for letting us be a part of your lives! We wish you a blessed, prosperous future as husband and wife!

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