Glendale Civic Center Wedding – Megan & Sam

Weddings are a time for love, but often there’s a lot of stress that comes with them too. Making sure the caterers are paid, the invites are sent out, the vows are written, and the venue is booked is a lot of work, to say nothing of the decorations or dress! The day of, all anyone wants is for everything to go smoothly, and yet often there’s that one thing that needs to be taken care of.

Megan and Samuel were the exception to that rule: their wedding was perfect.

It’s impossible to pick out a single favorite detail from the event. From the bouquet to the radiant red theme that reminded us of cranberries, the welcoming guests and the lighthearted atmosphere, the wedding was exquisite, and we felt as if we’d actually been invited as friends instead of photographers.

The day was warm, with the cool breeze making the weather perfect for an outside Arizona wedding in February. The sky was clear, the sun bright, and rivaling the sun were the smiles that Samuel and Megan wore all day. Okay, maybe that’s a lie–it wasn’t all day. There was a moment where Samuel stopped, and looked around, and started to worry because he wanted Megan to have the best wedding possible. We promised she was relaxed and enjoying the day, that she was ecstatic, ready to marry the love of her life. The relief that washed over Samuel was apparent nearly immediately, but that just cements it for us: these two are in for the long haul.

The ceremony was perfect. We’ll let the happy couple debate the tears themselves, but we’re pretty sure we saw Samuel at the very least choking up as he watched Megan walk down the aisle in her strapless lace wedding dress. We know we got a little misty during their vows!

Every wedding needs a personal touch, something to differentiate it from the hundreds of others people will see. It wasn’t just the bouquet or that cranberry-red that made this one different, though: it was ping-pong balls. You see, when Megan’s parents got married, her mom’s brother had a bit of a prank… instead of passing up their rings, he passed Megan’s father a set of handcuffs. It was something small yet funny, just strange enough to break any tension that had collected while still keeping everything great. It was up to Megan’s and Samuel’s families, now, to keep the pranking tradition going, and that was with ping-pong balls, passed from groomsman to groomsman until they had those tiny spheres of plastic in each hand, and then more and more until they couldn’t hold them all, until the balls were covering the ground and laughter filled the air.

It was just for cover, though. The ring still hadn’t appeared, and even through laughter Megan and Samuel looked around, beaming at the faces of their loved ones, and then… one other person was there, standing in the back. He hadn’t been there before, and it took Megan and Samuel a moment before they realized that he was a beloved relative, visiting all the way from Germany just for their special day. It was him who had the rings.

We’re pretty sure Megan and Samuel would have been happy with that as their only present.

The reception was nothing less than spectacular, too. The dance floor was off limits until the newlyweds got up, performing a choreographed dance to “I’ll Follow You Down” by Shinedown, their devotion and trust clear as Samuel dipped Megan, deep and low to the ground–we know we would have been scared to do it! We think there’s a mix of long practices and natural dance talent, because seeing their moves, it was practically a Dancing With The Stars wedding special! Even after their set, they kept going, socializing with their guests as they danced the night away.

Of course, the evening had to come to an end, not with rice but with fire and light and love. The guests lined a path for Megan and Samuel, and revealed sparklers, lighting them for a tunnel of low incandescence, a stunning picture. Our happy couple stole a kiss under the shower of sparks, and before we knew it they were off for part one of their honeymoon (Sedona), leaving the glimmering path behind for tranquility for their first day as husband and wife.

Megan and Samuel, your day was so, so special. We couldn’t have asked for a more-perfect couple, and we’re grateful you let us be a part of such a momentous occasion. No matter how many weddings we see, this one will be seared into our memories as an example of perfection. We wish you nothing but the best, for many years to come.

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