Phoenix Bridal Shower – Monique

Parties? Yes, please! We love cutting loose, especially after a busy season of engagements and weddings. Working hard is important–we have to make a living, after all!–but so is taking a break, kicking back and relaxing with our lady friends. Monique, one of our amazing brides that we love to pieces, invited us to her bridal party, and of course we jumped at the opportunity. Meeting people outside our own circle helps us expand our horizons, lets us see the diversity that the world brings and touches our lives the way we hope we do for others.

To be honest, we’re workaholics. When the time came to drink punch, eat cake, play games, and kick our feet up came… well, we had to bring our cameras too. It’s a good thing we did, because this celebration was a blast! When we got there, we found Monique out back under the pergolas, seated around a table with some of her closest friends, cocktails and mocktails in hand. They looked like something straight out of a magazine: relaxed, happy, and eager for the good times.

Crisp, cool air breezed around us before the sun peeked out and lit the backyard, glinting across Monique’s perfect complexion and shining through the drinks as if they were liquid gemstone. The ladies teased each other about having more alcohol, and while we know that Monique is a happy, fun person, seeing her with her friends really drove it home: they’re truly a form of family for her, and get-togethers are filled with the same radiance Monique brings to life on hero wn.

Bridal parties can vary pretty radically, as we’re sure you know if you’re reading this blog. This one, though… well, it was photoshoot-ready even before we took out our cameras. Peacock-inspired blues and purples shimmered among the food, placed on the tables… but also in Monique’s hair, a single feather delicately weaved in.

Monique’s future sister-in-law poured over every detail, from the decor to the sandwich buffet to the veggies and chips and dips and even a doughnut smorgasbord for those of us with a sweet tooth. The food wasn’t just a centerpiece, either; they were scattered around the house, strategically placed so nobody would be without a bite.

No party would be complete without a cake, and this one was elegant and simple, a gorgeous succulent set in the center. We were a little worried we’d be eating a real plant with our cake, but it turned out to be icing! Whoever made it was truly talented with how vividly real it seemed.

Our favorite part, though, was when a few lucky ladies got custom toilet paper wedding dresses–these girls were dressed to the nines, marching up and down a homemade catwalk. Did we mention that Allison participated? We don’t think she ever imagined she’d be struttin’ her stuff in a homemade paper dress, but we’re glad we got to see it happen in person!

Monique’s party was fantastic. Nobody likes to admit they’re there to see what gifts the lucky bride gets, but we all spill our secrets sometimes. The gifts were amazing, from helpful to personal, elevated by the presence of true friends and family from baubles and gadgets to tokens of love.

The gifts will certainly help Monique and Dominic in the beginning of their family, but more importantly, the support of their loved ones will permeate their entire relationship. We can’t wait to see their October wedding–in the blink of an eye, autumn will be here, and along with it, these two saying “I do.”

Thank you, Monique, for inviting us participate in this marvelous day. We’re so lucky we got to share it with the people closest to you! Best of luck, and much love to you and Dominic!


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