Chandler Arizona Wedding – Kaili & Tony

Nobody thinks they’ll find themselves staring down the barrel of a shotgun at their wedding, but that’s exactly what happened to Tony. Tony couldn’t help but laugh as he stared down the barrel of a shotgun plunger. Just moments before him and his bride to be were to say their vows. Wait, did you say plunger?

Yep. It was fake.

But the anxiety Tony was feeling was real. You see, even though Wade had changed from a dapper suit to a farmer getup–overalls and everything!–it was still nerve-wracking for Tony to be standing in front of him about to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. The shotgun was a great nerve-breaker for both of them.

Luckily, Wade already knew Tony had deep feelings for Kaili, and being that Tony was Wade’s son’s close friend, he knew Kaili would be in good hands. Wade put down the novelty toilet plunger, the “shotgun”, and gave his blessing.

As you might have figured since you’re reading this blog, Tony figured out that he wanted Kaili to be his bride, and he had a pretty good idea of how she would react to him popping the question. The bigger question, though: how was Tony going to propose?

Casinos don’t really strike many people as romantic. They’re loud, and while they can be exciting and fun, romance is usually reserved for the quiet, the subtle, the heartfelt. A weekend casino getaway seemed like a good idea, but it just made Tony wonder more: when to do it? He thought he was going to when Kaili finished getting ready to go out. She looked gorgeous, her hair and makeup picture-perfect, and Tony dropped down on bended knee… and lost his courage. What was he doing? “Tying his shoe”.

Later, though, at dinner, staring at Kaili beyond the tablescape, past the glasses and forks and knives, Tony realized he had to do it. He knew it was time, and he took a deep breath, and clutched the ring, and then finally asked: “Will you marry me?”

Of course, that wasn’t all of it. Tony loves Kaili, that much was clear, and he told her all about his feelings as best he could. It was all that Kaili–or any bride–wants to hear.

We’ve published stories before of outdoorsy couples, of those who are ready for adventure at a moment’s notice, and we’re glad to have been included in their lives. There’s something to be said, too, about something a little more subdued. That’s exactly what Tony and Kaili’s wedding was, a cozy house ceremony that was their friends and family pitched in to create the perfect intimate wedding.

Perfect is probably the best word we could choose for the wedding. The weather–when we have it–here in Arizona is unpredictable at best, and the day started out cloudy, with gusts of wind screaming across buildings and making Kaili hope that they could transfer everything inside in time.

But again: perfect. As the ceremony grew closer, calm fell across the Valley of the Sun, the barest hint of sunlight peeking out from the clouds while cool breezes tempered the heat it brought. Lavender detailing really helped the wedding decorations pop, especially the handcrafted arch Tony and Kaili spoke their vows into being beneath. The guests’ gaze seemed to drop away as Tony and Kaili clasped hands, gazing into each others’ eyes as they began to recite their vows out loud with pride–the intimate wedding fell away until it was just the two of them, without hesitation.

And then they snapped back to reality: friends and family, cake and dancing, delicious Italian food. Like we said, romance can be found in the most subtle, heartfelt ways, and this wedding truly had a heartbeat of romance.

Thank you, Kaili and Tony, for letting us be a part of your beautiful day, for welcoming us into your home. May all your days together be blessed, and much luck!

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