Papago Park Engagement – Rebecca & Nicholas

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but for Nicholas and Rebecca, it’s not just time: it’s their love itself. What brought them together is probably one of the most adventurous careers there is: they both fly planes for a living. Just as flight school was the foundation for their knowledge and livelihoods, it was also the foundation for their relationship. The town of Prescott, Arizona, isn’t the largest one out there–in case you didn’t know, it only has about 42,000 people. That’s about a quarter of the size of Tempe, Arizona, which houses another school, Arizona State University.

What we mean to say is that Prescott isn’t exactly big.. but the world is. Of all the places to go to flight school, Rebecca and Nicholas managed to find each other in Prescott. Strangely enough, after making eyes at each other throughout their classes, they found out that they come from close areas in Los Angeles and even managed to have several friends in common! Of all the schools they could have gone to, the friends they’d had, the hometowns they could have possibly been from, these two found each other in tiny little Prescott. Our job is the wedding industry, so we get the pleasure of meeting many couples that have found their way together, but there’s truly something to be said about the serendipity at work here: what Rebecca and Nicholas share is unique.

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we’ve mentioned another small Arizona town before: Sedona. When it comes to population, it is to Prescott what Prescott is to Tempe: tiny. Tiny, and gorgeous. Red sandstone sits majestic overlooking the area, shrubs and rivers and high-desert trees cutting through them to form a place that some people consider mystical. After five years of love and growth, Nicholas realized that Rebecca is the one he wants to spend his life with, and in the middle of a verdant, secluded trail, Nicholas did the thing: he got down on a single knee, held up the velvet box, and asked Rebecca to be his life’s co-pilot.

Do we have to tell you she said yes? 😉

We were thrilled when they chose Papago Park for their engagement shoot. It’s almost a little slice of Sedona in the sprawling metropolis that is Phoenix… just with a few more saguaros. The boulders and desert vegetation helped maintain the feel of Sedona right in the heart of the Phoenix area, and it was that little slice of magic that made our shoot truly an extension of Nicholas’ and Rebecca’s engagement. Even the warm April weather–yes, warm!–couldn’t keep these two down: it was nothing but love and happiness, with a side of adventure as they wandered the Papago paths.

We really couldn’t get enough of their love story, telling us fun tales of the times they found out what they had in common. It really helped that they helped each other into every pose, too: you can tell Rebecca and Nicholas are honestly at ease with each other in a way only love can bring.

Between the tales of romantic connections these two shared with us, the imagery of their Sedona engagement, and the lighthearted love on display, we’re so glad we got to work with Nicholas and Rebecca. All of our couples have such different stories, and theirs was just as unique. Thank you, Nicholas and Rebecca, for letting us be a part of your journey. We wish you all the love in the world–and in the air, too!




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