Salt River Engagement – Courtney & Trent

The stereotype of our generation is that we’re nothing without our phones, and honestly? Sometimes that’s true. We shot for the first time at the Arizona Salt River, and when we got there, we had a surprise: our phones had no reception. Considering how many people like to visit the river, we had no clue how we were going to find our newest clients, Courtney and Trent…

… but as luck would have it, as we exited the car, up walked the most adorable couple. We talk a lot about fate that brings couples together, but in this case, fate brought us together with Courtney and Trent instead! We didn’t have to search or stress or hope they didn’t think we abandoned them–it all fell into place.

Really, that describes Courtney and Trent, too. Even with other photographers around, even with no clue where to go, we were able to find spots that helped us showcase the love that Trent and Courtney share. They made the shoot a breeze, always stopping right where the best spots were; they even kicked off their socks and shoes to brave the river, and it’s not exactly the warmest it’ll be just yet! It wasn’t just their spontaneity that helped, either, given that they spent half the time roasting each other in the way that playful couples do. Between the embarrassing, silly stories, our mini-hike, and a few icy splashes here and there, it was obvious how comfortable Courtney and Trent are with one another even around new people. With them and the way the photos came out, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention their love story, though, and it sounds like it’s straight out of a John Hughes movie. Picture it: high schoolers. Not the cafeteria, though–think of a classroom, with the wood-and-metal desks in imperfect rows, scratches up and down their surfaces left behind by generations of students, the whiteboard up at the front. It wasn’t passing notes, though, that brought these two together. Instead, Trent liked to cheat off Courtney in third-period Spanish! Yet somehow, they fell in love, and we’re happy for their unique union. It definitely passes with an A plus!

It wasn’t just their meet-cute that was special. Their engagement was pretty darn cute, too: a sandy beach, sparkling blue water, and a little bit of distraction made for something memorable. Trent was ready to propose during their beach vacation, and of course, Courtney wasn’t in on it. He spent their time at the beach pointing out couples walking the sand, wondering if they were married or simply dating. He was lucky enough to see a few proposals, even, and definitely made it obvious he was looking, making Courtney gawk with him.

And then, one day, they were alone.

And Trent pointed.

“Look!” he said. “They’re getting engaged!”

Courtney followed his finger, turning to look behind her, but there was nobody there. Her eyebrows knitted in confusion, and she spun back around only to realize Trent had dropped down to one knee, something in his hand–

She was wrong. A couple was getting engaged.

They were.

We love hearing each of our couples’ one-of-a-kind engagement stories, and this was no exception. The schoolyard playfulness Trent brought to the equation comes through in their relationship, and we just know they have the kind of love that will last a lifetime. These two high school sweethearts really warmed our hearts, and we can’t thank them enough for letting us be a part of their lives. Congrats, Courtney and Trent! Thank you so much–we know your wedding day will be spectacular. We wish you the best of luck!




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