Gilbert Arizona Wedding Inspiration – She’s a Peach

There’s something about weddings that people seem to love. Is it seeing the beautiful venues? Gorgeous flower arrangements? Extravagant decorations, maybe, or rich, opulent cakes? Maybe it’s seeing the bride and groom (or any combination thereof!) all dressed up and happy with their loved ones.

Instead, it’s probably a little bit of everything, with peoples’ favorites differing. Everyone has a favorite part of their own. For me, it’s seeing the groom laying eyes on his bride for the very first time. His face says it all: love, joy, hope for the future. That, for me, is the priceless moment. Words can describe what that feeling looks like, but not what it’s actually like to experience knowing you’re about to say your vows with the love of your life: only the wedding itself can come close to showing the world your love for your spouse.

It’s not all about me, or us at Wander Back, though. Today, we want to share a few pieces of the wedding world we love in general, from venues to cakes to accoutrements. We’ll start with our models, Morgan and Cory.

We talk a lot on our blog about how easy peoples’ love is to see. To a degree, that’s pretty obvious in a lot of couples, and we hope that every engaged couple would show it–it means that they’re close, that they trust each other, that they’re ready to be together for the rest of their lives. In Cory and Morgan’s case, it shows itself as an absolute ease with each other. Sure, part of it was verbal, with Morgan (who is also a make up artist) mentioning multiple times how lucky she is to have found Cory, that he’d do anything to make her smile, to support her passion, and to be there for her for better or worse, but it’s the little things that show through. Changing poses, holding them, looking at each other–all of them were done with grace and fluidity, as if they were utterly natural things to do. Between shots, too, they joked and made funny faces, goofing around the entire time. That ability to switch between goofy and businesslike, that comfort with one another: that’s what shows true love.

Society likes to keep it secret, but let’s be real for a moment… weddings aren’t only about love. Love is the centerpiece, the cornerstone, the duct tape and paper clips of a relationship: it’s there to hold everything together, through bad and good, but venues and cakes and dinner are all important too. After all, there’s a reason couples go over everything until it’s painstakingly perfect, and “perfect” is a great word to describe Sutton Farms, this shoot’s venue. It’s a quaint, quiet venue in Gilbert, Arizona, a wonderful place to settle down and celebrate. Between the giant gray farm door, the garden bursting with color, and the verdant grass field, it was the only place that we could think of for a Southern Belle-themed styled shoot. Anyone who loves farmhouse-style decor (like I do!) would fall in love with Sutton Farms. AZ Florations provided the adorable flower arrangements, a curtain of petals alongside the farm door providing sublime backing for Morgan and Cory. The pink, peach, and orange flowers really brought a pop of color that complemented Morgan’s dark eyes, and her hair–styled by Elle Clare Hair–was pinned up perfectly, a marvelous mix of classic and modern hairstyles. Standing out among the gray and peach and orange and pink was the starkly simple white dress provided by Ariel Miles Photography: like Morgan’s hair, it was a modern style with callbacks to classic couture. Between the dress, the hairstyle, and the makeup by Bri Jarvis, the styles brought to this photoshoot are absolute standouts among those we’ve seen.

With all the magic brought from our couple and their stylists, we almost forgot to talk about the food–you can’t forget food! The cakes by Amour De Sucre were downright mouthwatering: smooth white fondant provided an amazing backdrop for peach slices, with syrup dripping in perfect rivulets, cutting lines of brilliant peachy-orange down its tiers. Decadent Macaron’s delicacies matched the floral hues perfectly, luster dust and rustic handmade designs finishing their gorgeous pastries. Our mouths were watering the entire shoot–we couldn’t wait to dig in!

This was one of our favorite shoots, not just for the food, but for the combination of it all. We’re so glad we got to be a part of it, and we couldn’t have done it without Meraki Wedding Co’s planning and Material Girls Weddings’ decorations. To them, to the others we’ve mentioned, and especially to Morgan and Cory: thank you so much for putting this event together! We are forever grateful to have worked with you.

Coordinator: Meraki Wedding Co
Model: Morgan & Cory
Decor: Material Girl Weddings
Florals: AZ Florations
Macarons: Decadent Macaron
Cake: Amour De Sucre
Venue: Sutton Farms
Dress: Ariel Miles Photography
Hair: Ella Clare Hair
MUA:Bri Jarvis



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