Aldea Weddings at The Landmark Wedding Inspiration – Romantic Whimsical

Weddings are cultural touchstones. Many, if not most, people grow up fantasizing about their dream wedding. They’re always a little different, with unique focuses, from the gorgeous venues to the pristine, beautiful gorgeous white dress, to even the scrumptious, spectacular cakes. Weddings are the time for us to marry our Snow Whites, or be swept off our feet by our Prince Charming, no matter who is who.

It’s a stereotype that brides dream about their weddings being perfect, but it’s one that’s true for a lot of people. Who wouldn’t want that special day to be that way? Yes, we worry about the small things: they’re special moments. The classy centerpieces, perfect poses for photos, and even the signature cocktails can all help reinforce what the weddings are all about, the big things of love and ceremony and surrounding yourself with the loved ones you truly care about. They’re part of the best memories, those that bring you peace, laughter, and joy. All the planning and all the chaos pays off for that fixed point in time, the one many of us have been planning since we were 5 years old: “I do!”.

That’s what our styled shoots are about: building an ideal for us to see how this love, this excitement, this dreaming can manifest itself in a variety of ways. If you’re a regular reader of our social media, you might have seen our last styled shoot, “She’s A Peach”. In our time as wedding photographers, we’ve already seen a great variety of ceremonies, and so now we’d like you to take a look at another styled shoot, which we’re describing as our Romantic Whimsical Styled Shoot. We did it at Aldea Weddings at The Landmark, and while the venue itself is gorgeous, the pastel pink color scheme helped tie it together in a way that warms the soul–we could practically feel angels smiling down on us in a perfect display of love and beauty. From the gorgeous free-flowing dress by Svetik Haute Couture to the light and delicate cotton candy from Phoenix Cotton Candy, this shoot portrayed a masterpiece of romantic, sweet fun, the kind of light yet heartfelt love that many of us crave. We’d be remiss, though, if we didn’t mention the cakes from Baby Jane’s Cakes. That’s right, we said cakes: plural. They were heavenly! Between them and the macaroons from Decadent Macaron, they brought just the right amount of sweetness to this shoot. We could eat all of them, and the cotton candy, all day long!

Like our last styled shoot, the decor was from I Do Rentals and Material Girl Weddings, and they were every bit as breathtaking as before. Tied together by the elegant flower arrangements by Flowers with Flair and Nora Bell Designs’ invitations (what’s a party with no guests?!), this truly felt like we were getting ready for a real wedding. You can’t forget, though, that at the core of every wedding–even a styled shoot–is the married couple. Morgan, a makeup artist, chose to do her own makeup this time! Of course, our engaged male model, Cory, wasn’t too shabby either. Finally, we have Taylor and Nick, our bride and groom models, styled by Svetik Haute Couture, and they were beautifully styled.

Aldea Weddings at The Landmark was a stunning backdrop. Even before our pastel pink color scheme, its elegant rustic style, beautiful green grass, and lush bushes all worked together to bring about sheer serenity: the perfect place to share a quiet moment with your graceful groom or beautiful bride. The historic Landmark building has been in the East Valley for over 100 years, spanning back to when the Valley was full of cotton fields and farms. While it’s a fantastic backdrop for that special day, it also means that having a wedding at this timeless venue adds your ceremony to its time-honored walls: you’ll be a part of history.

Thank you, Ashley Arts, for putting together this gorgeous shoot!


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