Wedding Inspiration: Cascading Lights

Our world makes a huge hubbub about romance, from movies like The Notebook to the overwhelmingly-pink Valentine’s Day aisles in supermarkets to proposals and declarations and more. The truth is, though, that romance is intensely personal. For some people, drastic measures like putting together a proposal flash mob is their dream; for others, it’s the small things, like a home-cooked meal with candles, music, and flowers. For me, it’s the little things, things that Landon Carter did in A Walk to Remember. He remembered Jamie Sullivan’s wish list, tackling it bit by bit on each of their dates, and worked to better himself so he could become the best Landon Carter that Landon Carter could be, all because he knew that Jamie Sullivan deserved it. He wasn’t rich, but he was rich with love and passion, and managed to make her wishes come true all through the small things. If you can’t tell, it’s my favorite love story of all time!

My point here, though, is that everyone interprets romance differently. Because of that, when it comes to couples and their wedding day, if their theme is romance… we don’t know exactly what to expect. It’s not a negative thing at all, but so many options go through our mind when that’s what we hear! Take two of our recent styled shoots, for instance. One was titled Romantic Whimsical; the other, Cascading Lights. Both of them had a theme of “romance”, but the outcome of each was incredibly different from one another.


You may have already seen our blog post about Romantic Whimsical already, so I want to focus more on Cascading Lights. It took place in a beautiful family-owned private barn—are you sensing a theme with our shoots? It’s no secret we love rustic aesthetics, but I point this out because, once again: differences. It doesn’t matter how many barns or farms or rustic accents we use: each and every one comes out unique. In this case, the breathtaking cascading lights by Kerri Long (our interior designer here) were highlighted by gorgeous roses from I Do Rentals, dangling from the ceiling as well as providing a throughline by being a part of the perfect table setup, by I Do Rentals as well as Material Girl Weddings.


One thing that made this shoot particularly unique was the use of the roses. Typically, it’s that deep crimson that we associate with romance, with passion, with the true love that gives us a joie de vivre. Here, though, those garnet tones are broken up by pure white, known to be a way to signify new starts, of pure beginnings and the long, happy road ahead.

No wedding–even a staged one–is complete without a cake! We’ve featured Amour de Sucre before, and every time, their cakes have been scrumptious. Even just scrolling through their Instagram feed makes our mouths water!


Romance takes two, and our two couples looked absolutely stunning. With beautuful, understated makeup and intricate hair done by Amber Rose Makeup, and stunning jewelry from Sister Power, our bride models Brittany and Victoria looked aisle-ready. Their grooms, Timothy and Jared, weren’t half-bad either! ;-P

To top everything off, the ferns transformed the barn from an ordinary farmhouse to a secluded romantic wonderland. Without Yohanna Wendt, this never would have come together–thank you, Yohanna!


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