Angel & Yalcin’s Anniversary

Once in a while, we get the honor of doing someone’s anniversary photos. They’re a little different from wedding shots since the event has already been done, but they’re no less special. This time, we had the opportunity to do Angel and Yalcin’s 23rd anniversary photos (holy cow! congrats!). They’ve never done professional photos before, and of course, they were a little nervous before starting.


They shouldn’t have worried–they were naturals! Angel and Yalcin always wanted to do photos, so they finally decided to tackle that to cross it off their bucket list. The photos came out great, if we do say so ourselves!


Angel and Yalcin have a romance-movie love story, that much is for sure. They met when they were 13 and 14, respectively, and in a cafe, no less. Throw in a dash of gorgeous scenery, and you have it all: this cafe was in Bandirma, Turkey!


After 5 years of dating, Yalcin knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Angel. While having a quiet night in, over dinner in their cozy apartment, he dropped down to one knee and proposed! They were still young, but they knew they were meant to be together forever, and that’s held up all these years.

Oh, romance. How we love you.


Their wedding was gorgeous, held in the crisp October weather in Izmir, Turkey. There were tons of radiant flowers, a live band, and even belly dancers! Their color scheme was burgundy and white, which truly made the intimate wedding an absolute dream. Angel says that it was the best day ever, and we believe her!


Watching these two interact, seeing the love they still share… well, it definitely made us reflect on life. With Angel and Yelcin being married nearly a quarter of a century, still looking at each other with so much love in their eyes, we knew we had to ask them: what’s their secret? How do they keep their marriage successful? How does passion stay in something so long-running?


Their advice for us, for all of our newlyweds and those soon to be?

“Communication is key. Face the good and the bad together, hand in hand. Remember: you’re a team, and never let anyone get in the way of that. Always kiss, say I love you, and appreciate your partner.”

We think it’s pretty solid advice. Thanks, you two.

And thank you, too, for sharing your special celebration with us! Happy 23rd anniversary to you, Angel and Yelcin! We hope there are many more happy years ahead!

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