Portico Wedding – Jessica & Ysidro

When people get married, it’s customary to give them four things: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Jessica and Ysidro’s venue’s patio was light and airy, with a pillowy ceiling making it all feel like a campout instead of a building in the middle of Phoenix, and amidst all the white and beige was a gorgeous blue. From the napkins to the accent tablecloths, the bridal party to the chairs themselves, Jessica and Ysidro had the something blue covered, and it made for an incredibly classy reception for this lovely pair.


Jessica’s brother Randy got up at one point, clearing his throat–it was his time to speak. He mentioned how was incredibly proud of his newfound family: Ysidro pushed him to be better, and he knows that Ysidro will continue to help them all become better by virtue of simply being there. Growth is crucial to love, and Ysidro and Jessica will be able to grow together.


Randy wasn’t the only one to speak, though. We got to hear from Jen, their maid of honor, as well as Jessica’s dad Brian and her mother Karen… and Ysidro himself, too! One thing became apparent through all of their speeches, though: amidst all the jokes (“happy wife, happy life!” joked Brian), all the memories, all the affection these loved ones share, Jessica and Ysidro are meant for each other. Through thick and through thin, through sickness and health, these two are going to have a long, happy road together. They’ve helped each other and their families, and won each other over. They’ve fallen deeply and irrevocably in love.


It’s that love that has us focusing on the reception they had. Ceremonies are special: if weddings are sandwiches, ceremonies are the meat. They’re the protein, the sustenance, the reason for the wedding itself. Jessica and Ysidro’s was gorgeous, and their vows said through sniffles and happy tears only helped reinforce the knowledge that these two are destined for one another. We would never, ever want to downplay that: this ceremony was truly, deeply full of love and admiration. Like we said about their engagement shoot: it almost felt intrusive to be there, just because of the way these two manage to encapsulate themselves in a bubble together even when they’re with everyone else. It doesn’t mean they’re excluding anyone: it just means they have their own world that they open and share with others.


The reception was their way of opening their world and welcoming us into it. It was their reception that truly allowed us to see how Jessica and Ysidro have enriched each other’s lives and touched the lives of their loved ones, how they’ve grown and pushed their families to be better and to do better.


Weddings aren’t all about the Serious Feels, though: they’re also about fun! Jessica and Ysidro opted to play a game of comparison: who confessed their love first? Who first brought up marriage?

A lot of these answers were Ysidro. We think he’s a keeper. 😉

That doesn’t mean it was all Ysidro, though. A partnership is nothing without equality, and both of them decided they were equally likely to take the last cookie from the jar. Oops!


Dancing, too, was a must. Everyone got their boogie on the floor, but our favorites were probably their oldest child leading the other children gettin’ down to Despacito. It was adorable, especially when they changed into Jessica dancing with him, the other kids running around them and having a great time. We’ve seen some weddings that request children be left home–and we understand, it’s hard!–but there’s also something magical about seeing little ones have a great time at a special event like this. We’re pretty sure Jessica and Ysidro will remember the dances forever, even when their children have become adults themselves.


(While the children were our favorites, we admit we had to wipe our eyes a few times at Ysidro and his mother dancing together… and then when he pulled his new mother-in-law in to finish the song, our hearts melted. It was a true example of families coming together as one, and isn’t that part of what weddings are all about?)


The more posts we share about our couples, the harder it gets to show just how unique they all are. Each and every couple we get to work with has something special about them, to the point where we never want to have our posts feel hollow.

So today?

We’ll leave this up to Ysidro himself.

“We’re going to continue building,” he said. “We only need each other.”

Isn’t that what marriage is about? Building your life together, with someone you love, even if you have to go it with only each other?


Jessica and Ysidro have built a wonderful life with two great children and a huge, loving family. They’ve pushed each other to be better, and helped their loved ones grow into even better people than they were before.


They’ve helped us, too.


Congratulations, Jessica and Ysidro. We’re so, so happy for you–we know you have nothing but great things ahead of you.


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