Veteran’s Oasis Engagement – Erin & AJ

AJ and Erin’s love story sounds like that of a romantic comedy: they were friends for 10
years before they ever kissed. 10 years! We know you’re supposed to marry your best
friend, and, well… they’re definitely ready to do that. Their kiss, 10 years in the making,
brought about their love connection and gave them a story unique to just the two of them.

Four years after that first smooch, Erin and AJ returned to their hometown of
Philadelphia for a vacation: that’s where he popped the question. Erin just thought she
was visiting family, so you can imagine her surprise when AJ asked her to become
family. We’re pretty sure this is what they call a romance for the ages, and come
November 2019, they’ll be married in a magical desert wedding.


We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though: the engagement shoot comes before the
wedding! With the promise of rain hanging above us, Erin’s sky-blue dress brought hope
to a gloomy day—it probably was the reason why we didn’t get rained out. One of the
constant things about Arizona is the sunny, warm weather… but at the same time, it
seems like our good ol’ desert skies conspire against us every time an event comes up.
This day was one of those times, cold and breezy, but you wouldn’t have thought Erin
felt it at all from the dress she chose: long, flowing, and sheer, delicately draping over her as if dropped on her by spirits. She was downright gorgeous.


It probably helps that Philly gets way colder than we do here in the Phoenix area. AJ and
Erin seemed pretty used to the cold.

Erin’s and AJ’s trusty companion, Lucy, joined us in braving the “Arizona cold.” She’s a
lil, squirrely, white pup full of verve—we hadn’t done a shoot with a canine companion
in a while, and as dog lovers, we wouldn’t have had this shoot any other way. Lucy’s almost as much a part of their love story as Erin and AJ themselves are—the couple had just moved into a new place together, and somehow found an ad for puppy adoptions. They didn’t have furniture, they’d just lugged everything over and put it in its place, and before the word “couch” could even cross their minds, Lucy was there, nestled between them.


To these two, Lucy was another part of that new beginning, a permanent part of their

Lucy wasn’t the only fun thing about this shoot, though—Erin and AJ surprised us by
bringing along a bottle of bubbly, complete with custom glasses a friend brought her!
After wrangling Lucy, posing and hiking around Veteran’s Oasis Park, it was a wonderful way to end the day.


Erin and AJ were wonderful, and we’re honored that they chose us to shoot their
November wedding. From the moment we met them, their personalities spoke to us,
electric and enthralling. As a unit, they draw you in and make you feel excited for
whatever may come next; as a couple, they’re in sync, smiling the instant they catch each
other’s gaze. Their connection is seamless, is true. It’s the kind of thing we love to see in
the couples we work with: two people that are so completely comfortable with one
another that the world and its worries seem to melt away from.


It’s always heartwarming to think of a couple that floods you with happy thoughts and
makes you feel like you’re exploding with glitter, your heart filled with love’s sparkle.
Erin and AJ are that kind of couple: a perfect pair that makes you fall in love with love
itself all over again.

Erin, AJ: we know we’ll be seeing you soon, especially come November. Nevertheless,
we want to wish you good will and good luck from the very bottom of our hearts. We
know your wedding will be as perfect as your love is.


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