Lost Dutchman Park Couple – Bry & Nikita

Romance comes in many forms. It doesn’t have to be all about weddings or engagements. We’re here to celebrate the love that people find with each other, never to judge them, whether they’ve been together one year, five years, or decades. There’s something great to find in every romance, big or small.

For Bry and Nikita? Total romance movie. Have you seen the movie Coffee Shop on Netflix? Or maybe read a little bit of coffee shop fanfiction for your favorite TV show? Well, that’s basically how Bry and Nikita met. At a coffee shop.

(Side note: our social media manager Brandon is giving this the biggest smile. He worked for Starbucks for years and knows how special coffee-shop meetings can be. D’awwww.)

Bry was working her typical shift, but that day would end up being a special one. While Bry was slinging lattes, Nikita and the rest of the ASU Men’s Gymnastic teams walked in. When a big group of people walk into a coffee shop, your eyes are going to follow them. Doubly so if they’re athletic; it’s not even a thing about attractive athletes, but the sheer fact that a group of people with so much camaraderie will get your attention. Naturally, though, Bry managed to find Nikita in the group of them, and as you’d see in a movie, their eyes met.


They both felt like fireworks were going off inside them. Not everyone believes in love at first sight, and not every couple experiences it, even the strongest of partnerships. Bry and Nikita, though? They felt it.

They’ve been basically inseparable since then. What is it about coffee that brings about so many connections, anyway?

Coffee brought them together, but coffee isn’t what sustains a relationship. Traveling together brought them romance, bringing the two of them closer while learning about the world and falling in love not just with each other but with every place they visit. Supporting each other in achieving their goals, too, strengthens their bond and reinforces their partnership. They’re truly equals.

These two are about to fulfill one of their shared goals, by the way: traveling to Nikita’s birthplace–Ukraine. We can’t wait to hear all about their trip! They shared plenty of traveling stories with us, and though they’ll be a secret for another time, we have to say we LOVED hearing all about them. There’s nothing like learning about the world through someone else’s eyes.

Bry and Nikita are a total power couple. We already said they have a strong bond, but that’s not the only thing behind them. Nikita recently graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Bry is working toward her studies in Astrophysics. They both have brains and beauty. We know they’re going to create magic to make our world a better place!

We mentioned at the beginning of this post that we love every bond that people form with one another. Bry and Nikita aren’t engaged or about to be married: they’re just madly in love with each other. Why not have a photoshoot to celebrate that? The smiles you see in these photos aren’t fake; they’re not for the camera at all, even when Bry’s looking right into it. Sure, Gabby’s hair and makeup, gorgeous works by Gabby Zermeno, made her look extra-special for this shoot… but there’s something about these two that really resonated with us. We couldn’t help but smile with them. That cheer is one hundred percent natural.

Maybe that ‘something’ is love itself. When you meet a couple that’s truly in love, truly supportive of one another, you can feel it. Doesn’t matter if they’re quiet or loud, into sports or video games, caffeine fiends or anything else: love spreads. These two are proof of  that.

Bry and Nikita, thanks a million for taking time from your busy schedules to do this shoot with us. We’re glad we got to meet you, and look forward to seeing you in the future! We wish you nothing but the best–your love is inspiring.


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