South Mountain Maternity – Emma & Matthew

One of the most common pieces of love advice we’ve heard is that you only find love when you’re not looking for it. When someone’s single, that can be really disheartening: by not looking for love, hoping that it will come to you, doesn’t that mean you’re still looking? The core of it is solid, though: you have to be able to love yourself and find peace in being alone before you can truly find a life partner. Our love story today is brought to you by that kind of thinking: Emma and Matthew.

Have you guys seen How I Met Your Mother? Emma and Matthew had a total Ted and Robin moment–Emma went out with friends for an evening of laughing with loved ones, dancing, and country music. Sounds pretty great to us! She didn’t realize something magical was about to happen.

Matthew made the decision one ordinary evening to spend time with his own friends: it was meant to be a night of laughing with loved ones, dancing, and country music.

(See where we’re going? Same place, same night, different people…)

It’s the thing you hear about in tons of love stories. Emma and Matthew pulled a Ted and Robin: they looked across the bar and locked eyes.

Emma thought Matthew was cute, but much like Robin, that was all. She didn’t really want to date or have a relationship, just enjoy life and revel in loving herself and her friends. Matthew, though? He knew he wanted to get to know Emma. There was something intriguing about her, more than simple attraction, but what’s a guy to do when there are a ton of creeps out there that just want to hit it and quit it?

There was really only one thing to do, Matthew decided. He walked up to her and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Matthew.”

Phrasing it that way was the only way to go. Those three words could have been in any context; he could have been meeting a business contact, a friend of a friend, or working with a customer at any workplace imaginable. Who would have thought those would be the three words to start a relationship?

Emma gave Matthew the benefit of the doubt, chatting with him as the two got to know each other. It wasn’t typical bar chatter, either; Emma’s giggles turned into genuine laughter and Matthew could feel his heart getting three times bigger as they talked. Naturally, Matthew decided as the night drew to a close that he wanted Emma’s number–he didn’t want to overstep, but Emma was too engrossing to let go of without at least giving it a try.

So he tried.

Emma said no. No to the number, no to dating, no to all of it. It takes a truly independent person to say no to a cute person asking for your number when you’re single, and Emma is nothing if not independent. It wasn’t the time for dating: it was time for Emma to just be Emma.

As we’re sure you’ve guessed, that wasn’t the end of it. (Otherwise, why would we be writing this post?) Weeks went by, and Emma kept going to the same place with her friends. Not to meet Matthew, of course; just to have a great time at one of her favorite bars. When you’re a regular, you’re bound to see potential friendships or relationships come up, but no matter the outcome, you can’t let them get in the way of enjoying something you liked before.

Matthew kept going, too. A rejection wasn’t going to stand in the way of him having great nights in his favorite places, after all.

Our two lovebirds kept meeting in the same place. It was only natural: they were both regulars. They both figured, too, that regardless of that first missed connection, they had a good enough time together. Matthew was becoming part of the scenery to Emma, part of the great evenings filled with laughing, dancing, and country music. (Yee-haw!)

They laughed together, dancing the night away almost every time they met. Sometimes Matthew would test the waters, asking Emma for her number. He didn’t want to overstep, and if she ever told him to stop, he’d do it that very moment.

The moment never came, though. Emma was honest: Matthew was cute, but she just didn’t want to date anyone.

Until she did.

They went on their first date, and it was like puzzle pieces fitting together: it was meant to be. Matthew hadn’t been pushy or stubborn, just checked in to see if things had changed. That respect meant a lot to Emma, and she knew that once she was ready, Matthew might actually be her guy.

Spoiler alert: this really was how he met the mother. Emma and Matthew are happily married, and eagerly awaiting their first child! There’s no drama here–it’s nothing but love for one another and excitement to meet their son when he comes into the world.


Emma, Matthew: you guys are freaking adorable. We loved every bit of your story, and we can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in the novel that is your life together. Congrats on your growing family–we wish you guys all the best!


Jo & Alli



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