A Blushing Wedding Inspiration

Hey readers! Thanks for taking a look at our blog–we appreciate it more than you know. If you’re regular visitors to this site, you probably know that we attend styled shoots to practice our craft and experiment with new ways to better serve all our amazing clients. (That way, we’re not doing it on their wedding days… yikes!) We’re here with photos from another styled shoot.

This one was a little different than usual, though: we got to plan it ourselves. 😲

Every styled shoot has a different theme, whether it’s Cascading Lights or “She’s A Peach”. This time, though, we wanted the theme to revolve all around the color palette: Blush Pink and Gold. It was breathtaking! We chose The Wright House in Mesa for our venue–its intimate feel really upped the romance, with the gorgeous greenery all around lending it pops of natural beauty that helped everything feel a little more Gone With The Wind and a bit less 50 Shades of Grey. Gosh, we’re still a little taken aback how the small touches can really bring about the right ambiance.

Boy, this shoot was a ton of fun… but it was also a little confusing. “Now, blog writer,” you might be asking yourself (if you’re the kind to talk to yourself while scrolling over blog posts. If you are, we promise, we won’t judge.), “why would a styled shoot be confusing? You’re just taking photos!”

Our bride model was gorgeous. Her name: Allison.

See the problem?

Two Allisons at the shoot. Two heads turning for every “hey, Allison!”. Two… you get the picture. It’s definitely a lot funnier having been there than putting this in words, but trust us, it got hard to keep track sometimes; our Allison almost started snapping pictures of herself!

Real talk, though: bride-Allison looked gorgeous in her Gloria Ara Couture dress. No matter the confusion, between her smile, Ella Clare Hair’s style subtleties, Morgan K Beauty’s makeup work, and the exquisite lacework on her gown, Allison made the perfect model. (In case you haven’t noticed, we work with Morgan K Beauty and Ella Clare Hair quite a bit. They’re great. Their work is sublime, they’re super-friendly, and they always want to make you look your best no matter your personal style.)

Also perfect: our groom, Nate. His tux from Celebrity Tux and Tails looked as if it was made just for Nate, almost like he was born to wear it. (Notice it’s not your typical black-and-white ensemble–the light gray was a stunning choice. Don’t let anybody tell you that tradition is more important than fashion!)

Styled shoot or real wedding, it’s never complete without dessert. We’re pretty sure Floured Cupcakes would be glad to know that we couldn’t stop stuffing our faces with their delicious desserts. Between the cake and the cake pops (and the stress of organizing our first styled shoot), stress-eating has never been so tasty. Holy cow.

Florals abound in weddings. That’s just how life works. People fall in love, the earth rotates, and weddings use tons of florals: that’s life.

We joke, but these florals, from the tablescapes to the cake’s finishing touches, were gorgeous. Is there a word that’s like “making your mouth water”, but for something that’s just super pretty? If there is, that’s what we felt. Our eye-mouths watered when we saw the arrangements from Flora Lish, and none of us had seen a rose as beautiful as the gold ones here. (Joanne’s pretty sure she found a new favorite flower.)

You might not always think about the furnishings, but they’re just as important as the cake or the food: your guests will relax on the lounge sets, dine with the tableware, and set their plates down on the tables themselves. Material Girl Weddings always provides the best rental pieces: understated but eye-catching, and quality to boot.

Speaking of quality, look at these stationary pieces by Lauren Yvonne Design! If we had a guestbook from her or got one of these in the mail, we’d die. There are no words to describe how sublime they are, so just take a look:

Allison and Nate, you two were just simply amazing. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend the day with us! Congratulations on your engagement! We couldn’t be more happier for you both! You’re just perfect for each other!

We, of course, couldn’t take all the credit for this shoot. Gabby, thank you so much for assisting us with putting this shoot together–we couldn’t have done this without you!

Vendors’ Instagram:

Venue: @wrighthouseweddings
Planners: @wanderbackphotography @gabbycanario
Dress: @gloriaara_official
Desserts: @flouredcupcakes
Stationery: @laurenyvonnedesign
Rentals: @materialgirlsweddings
Florist: @flora_lish
Hair: @ellaclarehair
Makeup: @morgankbeauty
Tux: @celebtuxntails
Bride: @dsmprincess
Groom: @n8tuned



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