Pastel European Elopement Inspiration

When you think of Arizona, the word “farmland” doesn’t really come to mind. Cacti, javelinas, lizards, sure. Orchards and livestock, though? Huh?

For our European-inspired elopement shoot, though, that’s exactly where we were: a grassy plot of land, equipped with hay, animals, and even an abandoned historic Chevy pickup. You probably know by now that we’re suckers for that rustic style, and Jarman Farm was straight-up authentic. After all, it’s a working farm!

Our beautiful couple, Ashley and Bret, came dressed to impress in their own wedding attire: they’re newlyweds! Our models aren’t always engaged or newlywed couples, but in this case, the farm wasn’t the only authentic element. (Hey, if you have your dress in the back of your closet for the memories, why not break it out once in a while?)  Ashley’s ensemble could have been something out of a storybook–foregoing modern elements for something a little more classic and refined, its blush-pink halter gave it just the right amount of volume to evoke the thought of ballrooms Once Upon A December. Did we mention that Ashley and Bret are the owners of Backyard Wedding Co.? They make and rent wedding decor, from signs to furniture to their own venue and more. You might not be able to copy Ashley’s gorgeous gown, but they’ll help you create a special day that’s all your own.

(We swear, this isn’t a sponsored post–we’re just that into Backyard Wedding Co.’s business. Check ‘em out!)

Ella Clare Hair gets a lot of buzz on our blog, but it’s for good reason: the Rapunzel-reminiscent braid she did on Ashley’s hair, complete with tiny flowers placed delicately amongst the plaits, was beautiful without being overly intricate. It really was just the right amount of detail for a shoot like this. Though our shoot was inspired by the pastels used often in European architecture, we couldn’t help but include a little bit of the desert with it; Bret’s desert-inspired tie, tieclip, and belt, all provided by Tough Apparel, lent a touch of home to the shoot. We’d never seen a cactus tie before, and this unique piece served as a way to tie our desert home and European inspiration together in a natural, photogenic way.

Clothing isn’t the only thing that makes our models shine, though! Veronica Escalante of Mica’s Beauty Bar used just enough foundation and highlighter to give Ashley a natural look, the rosy lip making pink hue of Ashley’s dress really pop. It was the perfect look for a warm morning in the Arizona spring with the sun’s rays shimmering through the trees and lighting up all the details that Kelsey Jarmen from Jarman Farm Events painstakingly chose. From the flatware to the geometric candleholder, Kelsey’s tablescape was sheer perfection, straddling the line of rustic country and secret garden. What’s better for eloping than a “secret garden”? 😉

When we spoke to Kelsi, who organized this shoot, she mentioned that sometimes it’s hard to get flower arrangements to truly look like the blossoms that spark her creativity. (There’s a reason why florists are always in demand!) Taryn of I Do Rentals AZ really stepped up to the plate here: Kelsi had nothing but good things to say about her and her work, with the bouquet–arguably the centerpiece of any wedding’s decor–being almost identical to the piece used for inspiration.

Taryn’s work wasn’t only on the bouquet, though; her juliet roses were dreamy, a perfect topper for the pastel-blue wedding cake provided by Souley Sweet Bakehouse. Ashley Stivers, the owner, bakes specialty cakes that cater toward organic, vegan, and gluten-free tastes. Her desserts are great! Vegan and gluten-free sweets get a bad rap. European and American cuisine is so centered on wheat and animal products that it can be hard to substitute its core ingredients, but Stivers does amazing work that lets you satisfy your sweet tooth no matter your dietary restrictions. We’ve been pretty health-conscious lately, so it was refreshing to find a bakery that lets you snack without the added guilt that diet culture can bring. Yum!

Kelsi, if you read this: thank you for all your hard work putting this shoot together! You’re amazing!

Kelsey: we can’t wait to come back to Jarman Farm. Hopefully we’ll get to see you again soon!

Ella, Veronica, and Taryn: you guys did great work once again. We’re always astounded by your looks. Thank you!

Ashley Stivers: oh my gosh. (or should that be “oh our gosh”? “goshes”?) Your sweets were so good, and beautiful to boot. Thanks a million!

Ashley and Bret: you two make a gorgeous couple, but more importantly, you seem to mesh perfectly. We wish you nothing but the best for your life together!

Finally, to our readers: thanks for joining us once again for a styled shoot breakdown. We appreciate you all! 🙂


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Vendors’ Instagram:

Coordinator: @kelsimaccas @kelsimacphotos
Venue & Decor: @jarmanfarmevents (Kelsey Jarman)
Florals: @idorentalsaz (Taryn Vickman)
Cake: @souleysweetbakehouse (Ashley Stivers)
Hair: @ellaclarehair (Ella Martin)
Makeup: @micasbeautybar (Veronica Escalante)
Tie, Belt, & Tie Clip: @tough.apparel (Tough Apparel)
Models: @backyardweddingco (Ashley & Bret Balcerzak)

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