South Mountain Adventure – Brie & Daniel

South Mountain is a little piece of the desert right here in the Phoenix metropolis we call home. Separating the neighborhood of Ahwatukee from the greater city of Phoenix itself, it’s nothing but sprawling Arizona desert landscape, complete with cacti and the occasional coyote. It’s not a hard hike, but outdoorsmen use it quite often because it provides a gorgeous view of the Valley of the Sun.

It’s not a place you’d generally wear high heels.

Brie, decided heels would be perfect for her session with her love, Daniel. (We want to make things clear: she rocked those heels!)

We’re not mentioning this because we want to make fun of Brie–we understand that sometimes fashion trumps function (and we agree! who hasn’t worn a painful pair of shoes just ‘cuz they’re cute?). Instead, we’re opening this blog post with a story of heels because they proved just how sweet this couple is. South Mountain isn’t a difficult hike, but since it is a mountain, there are bits of rough terrain. Every so often on our way up, we’d hit a tough patch. Normally, you’d power through, but like we said: this couple is sweet. Sweeter than chocolate. Straight up #relationshipgoals.

Seriously. Do you know many couples that would piggyback each other up a mountain? That’s what Daniel did every time we hit a hard bit on the way up. Brie was ready to force her way through, to power up the mountain, high heels be damned, but Daniel’s immediate reaction was “wait, get on my back, I’ll carry you over this part.” Considering part of a marriage is helping each other through times both good and bad, well, we’re pretty sure Brie and Daniel have this down. (He’s a keeper, Brie! 😍)

If you read our blog regularly, you know we compare our couples to romance movies a lot. Part of that, sure, is that we’re suckers for a good romance flick, but a bigger part is that we’ve been incredibly lucky to meet so many couples that truly shine when they’re together. In Brie and Daniel’s case, there’s a bit of Made of Honor peeking through their relationship. Just minus the weird part where McDreamy tries to convince Hannah she loves him more than her fiancée. (That makes it even better, in our book. It’s one thing to meet The One when you’re dating someone else, but love shouldn’t take that much convincing. We digress.)

Brie and Daniel met much in the same way Bry and Nikita did: gymnastics. The spark of their friendship began with a shared hobbie, no hint of romance in sight. After all, they were dating other people! They had the chance to learn about each other without any of the pressure that dating can bring, to really grow close and learn how to function as separate people that share a deep love, platonic as it was.

But of course, those relationships ended–we are writing about Brie and Daniel’s love story, after all! 😛 Brie watched Daniel’s relationship run its course, just in the same way Daniel watched hers: as a supportive friend that wanted nothing but the best for someone they care about.

Time passed, though, and as the two of them licked their wounds, they grew closer and closer and closer. Not in the sense of hopping from one relationship into another, but something far more healthy, far more supportive. Instead, these two came into their own, fully fledged individuals that need nobody other than themselves but recognize that partnership can be fulfilling.

So they started dating.

And love developed. From their friendship, from all the support and platonic love, sprouted romance. They have the best of both worlds.

Gymnastics meant the two of them enjoy being active, so what’s better for physical activity (and beautiful scenery) than Yellowstone National Park? Trees, geysers, waterfalls and wildlife galore: the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

The perfect time for Daniel to pop that all-important question. They’d been practically inseparable, going on all sorts of adventures together, from local hikes to riding Daniel’s Harley with no destination in mind, wind in their hair and Phoenix in the rearview.

It was fitting that they’d explore Yellowstone together. It made sense that Daniel would pledge his love to Brie at the bottom of a waterfall. Everything about these two simply makes sense.

That includes Daniel piggybacking Brie up South Mountain just so he can kiss her. Oh, these two. 😊

Brie and Daniel, thank you so much for spending your evening with us in the desert! We had a blast and couldn’t have asked for a better time with you. Your love really does radiate every moment you’re together–it definitely touched us. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you again! Best of luck!



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