Hotel Valley Ho Blogger Shootout

Hello, readers! As you (hopefully) know, we normally do three kinds of shoots: wedding, engagement, and styled. We’ve dabbled here and there in other kinds, given that we’re a small business trying to establish our footing, but our passions lie primarily in weddings and romance.

It’s always fun, though, to try something different. We’ve done family shoots before, and naturally, parent-child ones too, but our most recent shoot was definitely a bit… well… the love wasn’t about romance or family.

Instead, the love this time around was for subject matter.

Yep. Subject matter. We got to take photos of bloggers! Separately, though–it was definitely a strange experience for us, having a solo subject in our lenses. Not an entirely unwelcome experience, though: it’s important for us to dip our toes into new waters every so often. It helps us better our skills, and overall, it keeps life feeling fresh!

Buttttt I’m getting off topic here. Oops.

Normally, when we do a shoot with a couple, we get to a location and chat with them for a few minutes. It’s a little more than your normal pleasantries; we have to check in and see what they’re expecting, after all. This time, though? Brunch first! And a delicious one, to boot!

We got to meet up with our group at the Hotel Valley Ho, inside its restaurant, ZuZu. The food was so good that we honestly don’t remember what we ordered: we ended up sharing plates because we needed to taste everything. (Who ordered what? We have no clue!)

The food, as great as it was, was less important than our company. We were seated by one of our bloggers, as well as two photographers, so we naturally spoke to them for most of the meal. Having something in common definitely helped smoothen the conversation, but they weren’t part of the wedding industry: one photographed portraits, and the other focused on birth/newborn babies. Hearing all about the way their worlds function was fascinating, and really opened our eyes to just how wide the world of photography is.

We’ll admit, we didn’t have the chance to brush up on our subjects. Thing is… we didn’t really need to. Meeting 5 incredible bloggers was fantastic: they talked about a variety of things, from travel to social justice and Navajo pride. Their passion for their subject matter was every bit as vivid as the love we see in the couples we work with. (It kind of made us want to start our own blogs. Side blogs, of course–we’d never leave you guys.) Check them out:

Dr. Cacinda Maloney





Of course, no blog about a shoot we didn’t organize ourselves would be complete without thanking our hosts, Click Collaborative (Andi Fisher and Cactus Fox Photography). You guys did a great job–thanks for helping us open our minds and hearts even more!


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