3 Year Anniversary!

Oh boy.

Oh boy.


Okay, we’re being a little dramatic, but it’s for good reason: it’s been three years since Alli and I went into business together!


Not all small businesses make it this long, so we’re super blessed to still be able to pursue this passion of ours. It’s been a ridiculously busy three years, everyone. Sure, there’s the normal thing: Alli and I have both put a lot of work into this business. There have definitely been a few late nights with coffee (and maybe a little shot of something else!) and raw images.


But you know what? That’s not bad at all. Hard work will bring rewards, we like to think. We’ve gotten some of those rewards: our couples. We started introducing Skype meetings for couples who can’t meet up with us, as well as for helping to organize styled shoots and other business ventures. Technology is great, isn’t it?

But you guys, our couples and our readers, are the core of our business. We’ve been able to meet some of the most incredible people, working with people whose love stories are straight out of comic books and romance movies. From a couple whose love soars when they pilot planes to cross-country and international romances, there’s been a lot of stuff to love, a lot of love shared around, and a lot of amazing people that we’ve met.

Sometimes, when I meet someone new, they ask me if I still like romance. Honestly? YES. Weddings, too. It doesn’t matter how many I go to: I still love them. There’s something about seeing two people declare their love in front of people who love them that resonates with me (and with Alli). It’s not as simple as wanting it or having it or having gone through it. I think what really hits me about weddings is that no matter our couples’ lives, no matter what they may have been through, they’re able to surround themselves with people they truly care about, with people who care about them, and take the time out of busy lives to celebrate love in all its forms, from romance to friendship to everything in between. It’s a physical representation of a support network, of happiness, of the heart itself.

It will never get old.


Personally, too, there’s been a lot. Both my son and Alli’s son hit the age of 3 over the last year, and we’ve been able to enjoy everything that goes with it (even the temper tantrums, though positive feelings toward those definitely come later 😉) . Our kids are starting to take an interest in what their mommies do at work, which helps us teach them about caring for someone and how that looks different for each and every person. I didn’t ever think that photographing other peoples’ weddings would be such a big help in teaching my son.

Alli and I have made new connections, too, not just with our couples. Vendors come and go, but some of the ones that we’ve worked with the last 12 months have been really, really cool. From gorgeous cakes to classy stationary, it’s been awesome working with new vendors. Doing that and participating in styled shoots, too, has helped Alli and I feel better about getting photos of ourselves taken, too, whether they’re behind-the-scenes or staged photos. They say confidence is key, and the last year has really helped.


Thanks, all. Thank you for trusting us and believing in us. To our couples, thank you for trusting us with something so important, something so delicate, something so personal. We love each and every one of you.


To our friends and family, thank you for supporting us. We know it’s been a lot sometimes, but having such strong support from people we love has been nothing short of momentous. You’ve helped us through the good and the bad, and we can only hope that you come with us as we continue to grow and achieve our dreams. Thank you.




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