Damien turned 4!

Last post, I mentioned that we do shoots for more than just weddings. Guess what: that’s the case here! My son Damien just turned 4 years old. (Cue the gasping. And the sighs of relief, since he’s out of his terrible twos and threes!)

Now that he’s getting older, it means Damien’s beginning to move into making lasting memories. Everyone is a bit different in when their first memories are from, but I want to make sure that Damien’s are positive memories. What’s a crafty woman to do for her kid’s special day?

The answer: I made all the decorations. (That doesn’t mean store-bought are bad! They’re legitimately good. I’m not Ina Garten, after all. I just wanted to do something for my kid because I had the time. Store-bought are a great time saver, and if your strengths lie outside of arty flair, they’re fantastic!)

The theme I chose was colorful paper. Children at Damien’s age often love bright colors, and I figured, origami paper is perfect for that. My best friend and I whittled the days before it away by making origami frogs, speckled with spray paint and placed lovingly around. We kept that color theme around working with my friend Kelly on funfetti cake and bite-sized cake pops, the spots of bright colors studded throughout the dessert. (Okay, you got me. I think it’s pretty cute. Damien loved it, though, so it was a great success!)

The house was full of kids, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Damien made some new friends, and even his existing friends showed up—his friend Deacon even gave him a hand-made birthday card!

When kids are that age, it’s important to have something for the parents as well as the littles. Brunch-style was the order of the day, complete with mimosa bar! Of course, the kids got one of their own: plenty of snacks and juice to let them feel fancy and have a blast. (Don’t worry, the mimosas were adults only!)

It was a great time. Damien’s a smart kid, so some of his presents were puzzles that I can’t wait to do with him. He also got some Nerf guns, and I can’t tell if I’m excited for the toy showdowns or worried about losing the darts. Either way, Damien was excited, and that what matters most.

You know what else excited him, though? We kept it a secret, but we rented Damien a bounce castle for the birthday! The look on his face when he found out was adorable, and there’s something about bounce castles that lets kids get all their energy out but is genuinely fun for kids and adults alike.

The party went off without a hitch, and I couldn’t be happier that I made it a memorable day for Damien.

Thanks for joining us, readers. Stick around for more romance stories, family fun, and plenty of love.




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