Gilbert, Arizona Family Lifestyle – Nichole & Blake

We’ve talked a bit recently about how we celebrate love in all its forms, that despite being a wedding photography studio, we relish the chance to do family shoots. Well, this shoot got to be both!

Meet Nichole and Blake.

They celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in October! We see a lot more engagement and wedding photos than those done for good ol’ romance, but in this case, the photoshoot was part-romance and part-family. It was a nice challenge for us: how do we fit in poses and get lighting that evokes romancewithout it seeming weird to have the kids around?

Then it hit us–we just had to help Nichole and Blake showcase their daily lives. When you have children, the tone of your life can shift. To borrow movie terms, instead of a romcom, you end up the star in a children’s movie or even a dramedy. Romance is, hopefully, still ever-present, but it’s not all about the hazy, dreamy feeling. Instead, the love is present in everything you do, from taking the children to school to getting into bed together at the end of the night.

Together, these lovebirds started a sign shop out of their first apartment. If you’re not a small business owner, you might not realize that’s a big step: you have to put all your trust in your partner. That goes doubly when they’re your life partner, we’d think. It was a natural fit for Nichole, a bona fide craft aficionado. Nowadays, she even hosts birthday parties for her kids, complete with homemade decorations! Blake, too, took right to it: he loves fixing up old cars, and that handyman’s energy goes perfectly with something as hands-on as signmaking.

Years later, Nichole and Blake are strong as ever.

It’s a good thing they’re strong, too, because showing love in every action can be hectic when you have three kids! Corbin, Lilly, and Rowan are all adorable as all get out. Corbin loves Ghostbusters and fire trucks. Lilly’s all about sweet treats and hair bows. Finally, Rowan likes bikes… and sneaking into bed with mom and dad when his room gets lonely. (It’s super cute.)

Family isn’t just about interests or blood ties, though. A large part of Nichole and Blake’s philosophy is spending time together, getting to know each other and grow alongside one another. For instance, they love playing board and card games as a family.

Some of their activities are more active, though: they love to hit the gym together, too.

Not everything is as close to home as games or exercise. Travel is another passion. Last year, Nichole and Blake took the kids on a family trip to Legoland, and they just recently returned from an excursion to New York! Making happy memories together is one of the best things you can do for your loved ones, whether they’re your children or  your significant other.

Nichole, Blake, and their kids bring huge smiles to our faces. You can tell they all love each other a ton.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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