Our Thanksgiving

Another year means another Thanksgiving gone by. Here in the United States, there’s a lot of talk about the meaning of Thanksgiving, about how what we teach children isn’t necessarily accurate, about disconnecting from buying things on Black Friday, and more. There are things worth talking about, but for us, Thanksgiving is simple: it’s a day to spend with loved ones and take time to prepare a meal together and give thanks for what we have, no matter how little or much it may be.

Neither I nor Alli really had much planned for Thanksgiving. We knew one major thing: there would be turkey (well, in my case, we had a beef roast)! Otherwise, we just wanted to use the opportunity to relax with our family/friends and enjoy the rare day off it would provide. You might think small business owners can take a day off whenever they choose, but that’s not usually the case! It takes a lot of work to keep an operation like this afloat 😉

This year brought us a rainy day. Rain isn’t uncommon for Phoenix, but it doesn’t happen super often, either. Now that we’re out of the summer heat, rain actually helps cool things down instead of just adding to humidity, and it’s perfect when you’re inside cooking all day, especially when you’re using your oven! If you’ve never baked something on a hot day, you might not know, but… it sucks. I guess you could say that one thing I was thankful for was the rain keeping temperatures low. (Alli was glad for it too!)

When we go over what we’re thankful for, there’s a lot we can say. Really, there’s a lot most people can say. Alli and I are both thankful that Disney movies exist. We’re thankful for food, for diapers, for toilet paper and poo-pourri.

Those aren’t the big things, though.

We’re thankful to have our children. We haven’t always thought of ourselves as mothers, but after having kids, motherhood has become a core part of who Alli and I each are. Our children have brought us so much joy this past year that we couldn’t imagine our lives without them.

Friends and family are every bit as important, too. Without them, we wouldn’t have our business, we wouldn’t have come as far as we have, and we wouldn’t be nearly as lucky. Their support, whether it’s on the big things or just hanging out day to day, is a lifeline we’re thankful for each and every day.

Of course, we’re thankful for you, readers! Without you, without our couples, we wouldn’t have this business. I’d say I’m thankful for the business itself, but really, the business is all thanks to you. We’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people and been a part of so many couples’ lives and love stories. Seeing you guys pledge your love and even have kids has been nothing short of amazing, not just to enrich our lives, but to just see love run its course and improve life for so many people. Being in this industry is such an amazing thing, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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