Superstition Mountain Engagement – Ruth & Nathan

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m actually really nervous…

to ask to marry you.

Okay, well, Ruth and Nathan didn’t get married quite that way. Close, though: Nathan proposed via a poem! Ruth thought what Nathan recited was a cute, romantic poem, but it didn’t click right away.

Until it did.

She said yes!

Some people prefer large, romantic gestures, while others want something private, meant only for them. Ruth thought the poem was a great way to propose, even if it took her a moment to realize it was the real deal. Someone who’s willing to write a heartfelt poem, though, is there for the long haul. Isn’t that what church teaches love is? Something that will be there through thick and thin, through sickness and health, and so much more?

Good thing Ruth and Nathan met in church, then! These two are definitely on the same wavelength. You can see it in their photos, even: being together comes to them effortlessly. The love these two share is easygoing and felt deeply, something strengthened by being a relatively unconventional couple. They’ve been together for about a year, but this romance has its roots seven years ago–after all, friendships that turn into romantic relationships provide an amazingly strong foundation, and these seven-year friends are perfectly suited to each other. Their kids, too, make this a little out of the norm: they have a 13-year old, twin 12-year-olds, and an 8-year-old! The challenges of bringing up multiple children are easier done with someone you love by your side, and Nathan and Ruth have that down perfectly.

Seeing these two with their kids brings huge smiles to our faces here at Wander Back. Affection radiates from every one of them, making this blended family unit feel like it was meant to be.

Ruth, Nathan, we’re so glad we get to work with you and your family. We know you guys have what it takes to weather the bad things in life and the positive spirit to celebrate the good, but even so: best of luck to you guys! Congrats!


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