Veteran’s Oasis Park Engagement – Mariola & Ryan

People sometimes tease others for taking photos of their food. “Just enjoy it!” they love to say, “It’s going to go cold!” We might be biased, seeing as we’re photographers and all, but we think that’s silly! Part of the fun of eating out is presentation, whether it’s a big ol’ pepper speared into a burger at Red Robin or a gorgeous perfectly-cooked steak at The Capital Grille.

Mariola would agree with us. We heard Ryan teasing her during this shoot about how she can’t ever eat her meals until she’s taken a photo, but it was all in good fun. Mariola’s photos aren’t just for fun or Instagram, though–she’s a Yelp reviewer, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from trying out new restaurants, photos from actual diners are crucial in determining portion sizes and overall menu potential. After all, who wants to go somewhere that’s stingy with their food?

A love of food isn’t exclusive to Mariola, though. Ryan loves it too, taking plenty of joy in finding new restaurants and craft beers. There’s something about food that captures these two’s attention, not just because it’s delicious or fun to go out, but something that’s a favored pastime. They’re even having their reception at a craft brewery!

When we think of craft breweries, we think of fun times, of lighthearted relaxation and casual hangouts. Choosing to hold their reception at a brewery was the perfect choice for Mariola and Ryan, not just because they’re foodies, but because it matches their energy. While we were snapping photos left and right, we realized that being around these lovebirds feels easy. We strive to be professional with our clients, and that changes from person to person. With Mariola and Ryan, there was something that felt so casual, so comfortable. Kind of like how you feel when you’re at a brewery!

That ease isn’t just for others, though. The love that Ryan and Mariola share has that energy, too. They’re outgoing and fun, the energy between them bubbly and lighthearted, and you can tell they’re absolutely relaxed around one another. Ryan and Mariola, together, have something that feels true, that feels right. Something desirable.

We’re glad we got to work with them. We’re sure their wedding will be full of laughs, of memories, and plenty of love.

Congrats, Ryan and Mariola! We’re looking forward to your big day!


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