Wedding Inspiration: Why hire a professional photographer?

Wedding Inspiration: Why hire a professional photographer?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a wedding coming up. Maybe you’re a friend of the couple, tasked with looking for inspiration, or you’re one of the happy couple themselves, wanting to plan the wedding yourself. Perhaps you’re even the mother of one of the soon-to-be-newlyweds! Regardless of who you are, though, we [...]

Glendale Civic Center Wedding – Megan & Sam

Weddings are a time for love, but often there’s a lot of stress that comes with them too. Making sure the caterers are paid, the invites are sent out, the vows are written, and the venue is booked is a lot of work, to say nothing of the decorations or dress! The day of, all [...]

Nichol’s Park Engagement – Rochelle & Jeremy

Most of us have that one relative. You know, the one that always wants you to date, the one who insists that “you must have to beat the boys off with a stick! Why aren’t you dating them?!”. For Rochelle, that was her grandmother. She insisted Rochelle put herself out there, and guess what: grandma [...]