South Mountain Engagement – Karlee & Brandon

South Mountain Engagement – Karlee & Brandon

Oh, the modern romance. Girl gets on phone, girl signs sets up her acccount, girl meets guy, and then it’s history. Seriously, though. We know a lot of people roll their eyes at online dating, but it’s just like any other way to meet people: you roll the dice and hope you strike gold. In [...]

Tempe Town Lake Engagement – Shante & Wallace

If you live in the Phoenix area, you might know that our winters can be a little unpredictable--this year, we can barely even call it wintertime! On this day, though, we were lucky enough to have a day worthy of green grass, a blanket, and a picnic basket filled with goodies, not to mention the [...]

Arizona Engagement Photography – Lauren & Justin

Lauren and Justin met in college while living in Ohio.  Justin ran track and while Lauren was a softball player. They have spent 6 magical years together. Justin knew that he wanted love Lauren for the rest of his life. After a year of a long distance relationship between Arizona and Ohio they finally made [...]