Since childhood, our obsessions have been romance and weddings. Naturally, this career was the perfect fit! Now that we’re adults, our clients are our obsession: we’re here to create their perfect romance.

Being detail-oriented means we can capture everything you might miss (and then some!); uncle Joe might have a great eye for lighting and a nice camera, but he’s only one person. If he’s hugging you, he’s not going to get that sneaky tear in the corner of your dad’s eye as he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time or the “WOW!” look your husband-to-be gets when he finally gets to see his bride. We’ll get it all.

Our mission is to capture every moment, the rehearsed or spontaneous, so you don’t have to worry about missing them. We’ll make sure you can fully relive your special day over and over for decades to come without missing a beat.

Let’s make memories together!

-Jo & Alli
Wander Back Photography